This book is in large part the English translation of my Japanese booklet, Kouten Jidai-no Niju-no Seikatsu Shukan (The 20 daily-life habits in the Era after the Coming of Heaven), which was published from CheongShim Graduate School of Theology in April 2009. The Japanese booklet on the 20 daily-life habits was a selection from the manuscript of my book project work in progress at that time.

Therefore, from another perspective, I can also say this book largely consists of the English translation of sections from my thick Japanese book, Makotono Ai-to Zettai Sei-to Kenkouhou (True love, absolute sex, and health), which was published in January 2010 as a revised and enlarged edition of my previous Japanese book with a similar title. I selected and translated a number of sections that are related with the 20 daily-life habits that make a supremely happy couple.

This book is written in the style of dialogues and consists of questions and answers so that readers can easily understand its contents. Chapter 1 presents the 10 daily-life habits that make a supremely happy couple in the Era after the Coming of Heaven and explains them by repeatedly quoting the speeches of True Parents and Dae Mo Nim.

Chapter 2 presents the additional 10 habits that make a supremely happy couple. The first 10 habits that make a supremely happy couple in Chapter 1 are recommended that we always practice every day. It turned out that the additional 10 habits that make a supremely happy couple in Chapter 2 are in large part recommended that we practice not every day but sometimes. Chapter 3 presents answers for four questions and explains in detail about the habit of “sleeping naked together” that was mentioned in the first 10 habits in Chapter 1.

I have attached Self-Grading Monthly Score Tables” as Appendix A, so that you can self-evaluate and grade your couple’s practice of “the 10 daily-life habits that make a supremely happy couple.” I hope you will grade the degrees of your practice of these 10 habits every month and compare this month’s scores and grade with those of the previous month. I am convinced that when many of our Blessed couples attain the status of “A+” pure-love couples in the Couple’s Self-Grading Monthly Score Table, we can naturally accomplish the mission of restoring our surrounding community as well as the mission of the clan messiah, and then Cheon Il Guk (Heavenly Kingdom) will naturally settle down on earth.

I would like to encourage you to compare your own scores and grades of the practice with those of your friends in your local church. It will be a good stimulus to your improvement to know your own level of the practice in comparison to other couples among your friends. As our vertical Father-Mother, God wants all of us to become the “A+” pure-love couples. I believe the majority of the Blessed couples will become the “A+” pure-love couples in reality from now on under the guidance and protection of the 400 billion absolute good spirits, and Cheon Il Guk (Heavenly Kingdom) will gradually but surely settle down on earth.

At the time of the 11th International Leadership Seminar for World Peace sponsored by the UPF Association of the Alumni of the Distinguished Universities in Japan and held at Cheongpyeong Youth Training Center in Korea in July 2008, I presented the 7 habits applicable to all the married couples in this world even before the Blessing, out of the first 10 habits to be introduced in this book, as the “Method of the Improvement by Practice” for the improvement of the conjugal relationship. No matter how bad the relationship is, the married couples can improve their conjugal relationship without fail, only if they actually practice these habits. That’s why I named it the “Method of the Improvement by Practice.”

As for the “10 daily-life habits that make a supremely happy couple,” I will present the words of True Parents and Dae Mo Nim repeatedly on each habit in most of the cases. I personally came to practice these 10 habits largely because I had read their speeches on these habits again and again thanks to my job as a professor in True Parents Studies at the CheongShim Graduate School of Theology.

If you have not practiced these habits yet, please read the speeches of True Parents and Dae Mo Nim on these habits in this book carefully and repeatedly. If you are a genuine Blessed couple who deeply respect True Parents, the motivation to experiment these habits in your life will surely well up from your heart after repeatedly reading their speeches. Undoubtedly, you will come to say to yourself, “As True Parents have taught us repeatedly like this and even presented to us an ideal model of practice in their daily lives, let’s try to practice these habits in our lives.”

After practicing these habits experimentally, you may cease practicing them if your couples do not feel good. Nonetheless, after practicing these habits experimentally, I am sure your couples will end up in practicing them continuously because you will come to feel peaceful and very good in your heart. In other words, you can feel genuine happy feelings and the presence of God by practicing them.

If a couple have only to faithfully practice the “10 daily-life habits that make a supremely happy couple,” any couple can become “A+” pure-love couple without fail. There is no need to pay extra expenses to practice these “10 daily-life habits that make a supremely happy couple.” Therefore, no matter how poor the couples are, any couple can always practice these “10 daily-life habits” without a financial concern. If a husband and wife faithfully practice these “10 daily-life habits” here on earth, the couple can live in happiness eternally by keeping on practicing these daily-life habits of true love in the spirit world after both ascending into Heaven.

I really hope that all couples will faithfully practice, not only the first “10 daily-life habits that make a supremely happy couple,” but also the additional 10 habits, and truly become “A+” pure-love couples living in the supreme happiness in the new Era after the Coming of Heaven. I am sure God will always dwell in such “A+” pure-love couples.

I am happy to share the fact that my wife really liked the original Japanese booklet on the 20 daily-life habits and praised it as never before in my publications. The memory of her praise of the original Japanese booklet greatly motivated me to publish this English translation of the book as quickly as possible for the sake of the English speaking couples around the world. The thought that my two sons and two daughters in the United States can read this English book, unlike my previous Japanese books, also encouraged me to change my plan and work hard for the translation and publication of this book.

Unlike the original Japanese booklet on the 20 daily-life habits, attaching new Appendix B to this English book, I added two extra questions and answers that are related with my wife’s struggle with her stomach cancer and ascension. One question is on the danger of a couple’s living separately because of the work away from home, which is based on my experience of finding my wife’s terminal stomach cancer in July 2009 and losing her early this year 2010. The other question is whether or not angels really work at the Cheongpyeong Training Center and CheongShim Hospital. This Appendix B is in a sense a tribute to my wife, and this book is dedicated to her with my deep thanks for her untiring practice of true love here on earth.


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