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The 20 Daily-Life Habits

That Make a Supremely Happy Couple


Q.1.1: You presented a checklist of the “10 daily-life habits that make a supremely happy couple” in your lecture at the Cheongpyeong 40-Day Workshop. I found it very useful in our practical life. Could you explain it again?


A: I will enumerate the “10 daily-life habits that make a supremely happy couple” that I have presented in my special lectures at the Cheongpyeong 40-Day Workshops since 2004. I originally called it “a checklist that make the A+ pure-love couple.” Dae Mo Nim, however, has repeatedly emphasized the importance of changing our daily-life habits. Therefore, since 2008 I have renamed it as “a checklist of the 10 daily-life habits that make a supremely happy couple.”


  1. 1.      We should always walk hand in hand when we go out with our spouse.
  2. 2.      We should always hold our spouse’s hand when we watch TV together.
  3. 3.      We should always hold each other’s hand in bed and have a pillow-talk before going to sleep.
  4. 4.      We should sleep naked together in one bed every night.
  5. 5.      We should call each other at least once a day in the daytime and always keep in touch.
  6. 6.      We should bow (down) to the picture of True Parents, recite the Family Pledge, report to God facing each other and holding each other’s hands, and bow (down) to each other at the end, every morning and night.
  7. 7.      We should always send off and welcome home our husband (wife), by holding his (her) hand, kissing, and/or hugging at the front door when he (she) goes out for work and returns from work.
  8. 8.      We should always talk to each other politely with respect.
  9. 9.      We should practice hoondokhae [i.e., reading True Parents’ speeches] together every day.
  10. 10.  We should make love at least twice a week.


These 10 points of advice are not my personal advice, but are from True Parents and Dae Mo Nim. Therefore, readers must not mention these 10 points as coming from Prof. Masuda. I merely gathered these 10 points together as a “checklist of the 10 daily-life habits” from their guidance about our lives as a husband and wife.

From my personal experience, I am sure that even if we practice only half of these 10 points, our conjugal relationship will tremendously improve and ride on the strong ascending wind current. If you haven’t practiced any of these habits yet, I strongly recommend that you give these a shot and try them out without hesitation.


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