4.We should sleep naked together in one bed every night.


As for “sleeping naked” part of the fourth daily-life habit, I will explain it extensively in Chapter 3 of this book. There I will quote True Father’s original speech, “From tonight on, a husband and wife must sleep naked together,” to a great extent and explain its providential meaning and related issues through answering four questions on this daily-life habit. Therefore, in this section, just focusing on “sleeping together in one bed of this fourth habit, I will introduce Dae Mo Nim’s and True Parent’s words.


A husband and wife must sleep together under one quilt and live feeling in love with each other, just as couples do in Korea. But many married couples in Japan sleep in separate futons or beds. It is fundamentally wrong to sleep separately. (August 22, 1998)[1]


Also in another family, the husband used a back room, and the wife used a small room; they lived their lives separately under one roof. Such a life is really wrong.

You all sometimes fight with your husbands, don’t you? Even when you fight, you must absolutely not sleep in a separate room by taking your pillow with you. (July 13, 2004)[2]


True Father also said at the Cheongpyeong Training Center after the Pledge Service of True Children’s Day in November 2006, “a husband and wife should sleep naked in one bed, not in two separate beds.”


You husbands and wives should completely take off your clothes and sleep naked together every night, embracing each other in one bed, not in two separate beds. Then, is it possible for a husband and wife to quarrel every day? Is it possible for them to quarrel in the morning and sleep together at night? It is impossible. (November 21, 2006)[3]


Even if your husband’s snoring sound is too loud and noisy, a husband and wife should sleep together in one bed, even by using ear plugs, as a daily-life habit in the Era after the Coming of Heaven. The 3M Company in the United States invented very effective soundproof ear plugs for the astronauts of NASA, and they are on sale at a cheap price, even at a store of the Cheongpyeong Training Center.

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